The audio: On his radio show Wednesday, Glenn Beck wondered how many Americans believe in the "ridiculous" theory of evolution, and discussed why he thinks evolution, much like global warming, is a hoax. "I haven't seen a half-monkey, half-person yet," the Fox News host said. "I don't know why it is so problematic for people to say 'I don't know how God creates, I don't know how we got here.'"
The reaction:
The research into how humans evolved from primates is "a crowning achievement of anthropology and a testament to the human capacity for discovery," says Simon Maloy at Media Matters. How can Beck claim to "revel in education and the pursuit of the truth" and then make such statements? This poor man, says Dana Milbank at The Washington Post, is obviously "losing his daily struggle against the dark forces of insanity." C'mon, says Joe Kovacs at WorldNetDaily, Beck's reference to a half-monkey was clearly a joke. He was blasting "self-labeled progressives who seem bent on halting the viewpoints of anyone who disagrees with them." Listen for yourself here: