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Joe Manchin

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John Raese

Basic Info: Governor of W.V. since 2005;
Age: 63
Steel and radio magnate;
Age: 60
  • Wants to repeal parts of health-care bill
  • Thinks jury is still out economic stimulus
  • Anti cap-and-trade
  • Pro-life
  • Wants to repeal entire health-care bill
  • "Violently opposed" to stimulus
  • Anti cap-and-trade
  • Pro-life
Polling At: 44% 48%
Campaign Chest: $383,000 $9,500
Key Quote: "Obama has never invited me to the Oval Office."

"If you want an Obama rubber stamp, Manchin is your guy."

Petty Controversy: Daughter awarded West Virginia University MBA despite lack of required courses Sought "hicky" (i.e. resembling hicks) out-of-state actors for campaign commercial
Wild card: West Virginia has not elected a Republican senator since 1958
Dueling Ads: "Priorities":  This Manchin ad is framed around a clip of Raese saying he's in the business of making money, not creating jobs "Rubber Stamp": This Raese spot suggests his opponent would side with Obama and vote for imposing a carbon tax on coal

Joe Manchin's "Priorities":


John Raese's "Rubber Stamp":