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Patty Murray

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Basic Info: Three-term incumbent;
Age: 60
Fmr state legislator;
Age: 51
  • Voted for health reform bill
  • Approved of economic stimulus
  • Wants to extend Bush tax cuts, except for rich
  • Pro-choice
  • Wants to see "Obamacare" repealed
  • Opposes "jobless" stimulus
  • Wants to extend Bush tax cuts for all, including rich
  • Pro-life
Polling At: 50% 47%
Campaign Chest: $3.2 million $1.8 million
Key Quote: "The health system we had in place wasn't working for anyone."

"She's never had a private-sector job in her adult life."

Petty Controversy: Enraged Alabamans by suggesting that relatively few things are built or manufactured in that state Ripped the stimulus package, then toured a shipyard that had added dozens of job after getting stimulus funds
Wild card: Rossi enjoys statewide name recognition many challengers can't touch — in 2004, he lost the governor's race by 133 votes, following two recounts.
Dueling Ads: "Gambling":  This Murray ad accuses Rossi, part-owner of a bank, of siding with Wall Street against the interests of the middle class "Which One?": This Rossi ad says that Murray cares more about the Reid-Pelosi agenda than helping Washington state

Patty Murray's "Gambling":


Dino Rossi's "Which One?":