Whispers of an Obama-Clinton 2012 campaign are common currency in Democrat circles. But this week, veteran Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward lent credence to the rumors when he told CNN's John King that there is a chance that Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton might switch jobs. Putting Clinton on a Democrat "dream ticket" in 2012, said Woodward, could bring female, Hispanic and elderly voters back to the party. "It's on the table," he said. White House officials were quick to deny it was a possibility, but could a Clinton-Biden switch really happen? (Watch Woodward's comments)

Woodward is speaking nonsense: It is "ridiculous" of Woodward to suggest this "silly" idea is a serious possibility, says Karen Finney at Politico. Hillary is already "part of the team," to the delight of her supporters. The GOP loves fanning these rumors as it helps bring in donations from Clinton-haters, but it is simply not going to happen. Sounds like Woodward was just trying to sell some books.
"Could Hillary topple Biden for VP?"

Clinton would give Democrats a much-needed boost: Obama has to do something to "drum up excitement" for his "depressed" base, says Shannon Bell at Right Pundits. Democrats are facing a midterm election defeat of "epic proportions," and even Obama's biggest fans must have "a gut feeling that the standard Obama-Biden ticket just won't cut it" in 2012. Putting Hillary on the presidential ticket may be Obama's "only hope" for a second term.
"Obama-Clinton 2012 ticket possible?"

The same old rumors, the same old outcome: These rumors come round again and again, says Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. George H.W. Bush was supposed to dump Dan Quayle in 1992, and "Bush 43" was going to replace Dick Cheney with Condoleeza Rice — but neither of them did it, and neither will Obama. Why? Because replacing a VP after a single term would seem like "an admission of failure," and people vote for presidents, not vice presidents.
"Axelrod, White House deny Hillary-for-Biden swap in 2012"