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Jerry Brown

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Meg Whitman

Basic Info: Former gov., '75-'83;
Age: 72
Former CEO of Ebay;
Age: 54
  • Supports citizenship path for illegal immigrants
  • Opposes marijuana legalization
  • Supports high-speed rail project in CA
  • Opposes citizenship path for illegal immigrants
  • Calls legalization "worst idea I've ever seen"
  • Opposes high-speed rail project in CA
Polling At: 46% 42%
Campaign Chest: $22.5 million $10.2 million
Key Quote: "Meg flunked the most fundamental test of all, and that is to treat people with respect and decency."

"You should be ashamed for sacrificing Nicky Diaz on the altar of your political ambitions."

Petty Controversy: Violated travel ban to Cuba, using CIA operative as travel agent For 9 years employed illegal immigrant Nicky Diaz as a maid
Wild card: Meg Whitman is worth $1.2 billion and has already set a record for personal spending on a campaign: $119 million as of 9/15
Dueling Ads: "The Real Meg Whitman": Brown charges that Whitman's conduct in the business world shows a lack of character "Your Plane": Whitman suggests that Brown was a bit too liberal in his use of a taxpayer-funded airplane

Jerry Brown's "The Real Meg Whitman":


Meg Whitman's "Your Plane":