Taiwan's NMA News hardly qualifies as the "mainstream media" that Sarah Palin so frequently protests, it's fair to say the former VP candidate might disdain NMA's colorful portrayal of her post-2008-election life and rumored 2012 prospects. NMA's computer animators, fresh from taking down Apple's Steve Jobs, have created a mocking video that dramatizes Palin's race to the White House as a series of increasingly outlandish scenarios. At one point, she's shown skydiving from John McCain's campaign helicopter to a braying crowd of "Tea Bagger" activists, before stripping off to mud-wrestle with — and defeat — a topless President Obama. This "bizarre" video may be "the most accurate NMA News brief yet," jokes Frances Martel at Mediaite. "Well, except for the stripping and mud-wrestling." It's certainly unfair to Palin, says Allahpundit at Hot Air, but, as a parody of the American media's skewed treatment of her, it's dead-on. Watch the video here: