Nevada candidate Sharron Angle held her first open press event since winning the GOP nomination to oppose Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — and generated a fresh round of negative coverage. After speaking for three minutes and signing a pledge to repeal the estate tax (a.k.a. death tax), Angle turned and briskly walked out of the building as reporters followed her shouting questions. At least Angle's campaign strategy is becoming clear, says Ravi Somaiya at Newsweek. Instead of answering questions about her controversial goals, such as abolishing the Education Department and phasing out Social Security, her apparent plan is to "literally sprint away from the press." This Tea Party favorite will be in trouble when TV stations wise up and hire faster reporters. Angle's just trying to "control her message by focusing on how to fix the economy," says Laura Myers in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. At her next event, Angle did take a few questions, but only those relating to taxes. Reid wants voters to think Angle dodges questions, Angle wants people to believe Reid's responsible for Arizona's economic troubles. The question is, whose narrative will stick? Watch Angle avoid reporters: