Under President Obama, "the federal government has sought to seize or has seized control of the health-care industry, the financial industry, the mortgage industry, the automobile industry, student loans, broadband internet, and the energy sector through cap-and-trade legislation," says Rick Barber, a Tea Party Republican running for Congress in Alabama, in The Washington Post. Each new crisis merely serves as an excuse to "shrink our individual liberties" even more. That's what my much-maligned campaign ad titled "Slavery," which included images of "oppression, slavery, and genocide," was all about. Yes, it was "intentionally provocative." But people need to see that evil on a grand scale is only possible when you have a "large and totalitarian government" — and if Americans aren't careful that's just the kind of government we'll end up with:

"I take Barack Obama at his word that he wants to fundamentally transform America. His actions, words and policy suggest that he doesn't much care for the free market or our American heritage. I am one who doesn't believe that America needs fundamental transformation. ...

I remain unapologetic for my ads. No, we are not slaves yet. But as long as we Americans look to the government to solve our problems, I do believe that we are adopting a chain at a time. Bowing to the vagaries of promised comfort and 'social justice,' we may soon find that we have ceded too much. The road to serfdom is a long one, but I fear that we are well on our way."

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