The senators tasked with determining Elena Kagan's suitability for Supreme Court are barely even engaging with her, says Stuart Taylor Jr. in Newsweek. Instead, they're talking to their political bases, offering "warmed over" rhetoric on hot-button issues that may impact the November election — but have little to do with Kagan or what kind of justice she will make. What a shame. Here's an excerpt:

"As Elena Kagan’s hearings ground through their third day, with confirmation virtually assured, viewers learned little that was new about the nominee. Mostly they saw senatorial skirmishes to fire up the conservative and liberal bases in an election year.

Republican senators tried to paint Kagan as political and deceptive on issues including so-called partial-birth abortion. But her detailed answers sounded convincing. And her questioners moved on with little followup, to the frustration of conservative activists who thought a more effective case against Kagan could have been made.

Meanwhile, Democratic senators spent their time airing gripes against the 'conservative activist' Roberts Court and other pet themes..."

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