Cable news broadcaster CNN has put a few liberal noses out of joint by hiring conservative blogger Erick Erickson as a political contributor on its new evening news program "John King, USA." Critics point to a long list of controversial statements by Erickson, including floating the idea of beating liberal lawmakers "to a bloody pulp." Is CNN making a mistake by bringing Erickson aboard? (Watch Erick Erickson's recent appearance on CNN)

Shame on you, CNN: CNN should be "ashamed" of hiring Erickson, says Steve Benen in Washington Monthly. Not because he is a conservative, but because he is an "extremist" with a "record of radical rhetoric" who should be "shut out of the mainstream," not welcomed in. There are plenty of "thoughtful, intelligent conservative bloggers" out there, but "Erickson isn't one of them."
"This is CNN?"

Does this mean it's finally safe to watch CNN? This is an "interesting play" for CNN, says Dan Riehl at Riehl World View, and evidence it is leaving the "dwindling, almost nonexistent" liberal news market to MSNBC. The only bad news about this is that we on the right might "actually have to watch CNN occasionally now." As for Erickson, let's just hope he doesn't turn into a "typical elitist mainstream media jerk" like the rest of their pundits.
"Erick Erickson: Jerk"

The reality is, CNN needs to compete with Fox: This is further evidence of CNN's "shift toward opinion journalism," says Frances Martel in Mediaite, after news of the "revamping" of its morning program to be more like "Fox and Friends." "Done right," this isn't a bad thing, especially as CNN has been losing ground to Fox News for months. Bringing "outspoken and polarizing" figures like Erickson to the network could result in "a hit in the ratings."
"Red State's Erick Erickson relocating to John King, USA"