Things just keep going downhill for John Edwards. Reportedly, "The Politician" — a new tell-all book by his estranged confidant Andrew Young that hits shelves next week — revisits allegations that Edwards and his former mistress, Reille Hunter, filmed a sex tape. Now is citing a source who claims to have seen the DVD. Could Edwards possibily have shown such poor judgment? (Watch a report about rumors that John Edwards proposed to Rielle Hunter)

It probably doesn't exist: I'm "doubtful," says Allahpundit at Hot Air. The authors of "Game Change" dug up an incredible amount of dirt on the Edwardses, yet didn't find "a whisper of any sort" about this long-rumored tape. But if it does exist, "it adds an almost pathological dimension to Edwards’ recklessness in messing around during the campaign. "To actually put the, er, hard evidence on tape?" Totally insane.
"Too bad to check"

This just gets more and more disturbing: While the idea of the tape is pretty nauseating, says Emily Miller at Politics Daily. But the "ick-factor" is compounded by previous reports that a sex tape, if it it exists, may actually have been filmed by Andrew Young. If you prefer not to think about this kind of thing, you definitely "should not tune in for [Andrew Young's] interview Friday on ABC's 20/20."
"John Edwards sex tape with Rielle Hunter alleged in Andrew Young book"

Is anyone surprised? Given that Edwards is a raging narcissist, the notion that he'd film a sex tape is not exactly shocking, says Lori Ziganto at News Real. Honestly, it's too horrifying to think about. Please, John Edwards, "take your icky tape and go to that second America you were always rambling on about."
"Oh, please make it stop"


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