The war of words continues between former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston, the father of Palin's grandson. Johnston claims that the former Alaska governor referred to her disabled son Trig as “retarded” and has threatened to reveal “huge” secrets about her, while Palin is calling Johnston's claims “mean-spirited” and “malicious.” (Watch Levi Johnston divulge he holds onto a secret about Sarah Palin) The heated dispute has neatly split commentators into three groups:

• It’s not often we agree with Palin, but she’s “right on the money” this time, says Breanne L. Heldman at E! Online
• Johnston should get lost. He’s already “in overtime” on his “fifteen minutes of fame,” says Jim Geraghty on National Review Online.

• “Kinda sensitive, isn’t she?” says Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish. If Palin can make millions from “lies and spin,” then why shouldn’t Johnston “make some cash” from his position, too?
• At least Johnston is “keeping [Palin’s] script interesting”—and just as her new book needs publicity, says Gawker’s Brian Moylan. She should be thrilled.

• Why can’t they both zip their lips? This saga is so “consistently absurd,” it’s like a “reality show,” says David Sessions in Politics Daily.
• Who cares? Both Palin and her daughter’s ex-fiance are “inarticulate people who pretty much have nothing to say,” says Harmon Leon at TrueSlant.