A Fox News vice president, Michael Clemente, and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reportedly hammered out a truce. Is the Obama administration's war with Fox really over?

Let's hope this lasts: "Not exactly peace in our time," says Charles Cooper in CBS News, "but at least it's a start." The feud was a distraction from real issues that made the White House look silly. And it hurt Fox News, too. Sure, it pleased the "red meat eaters" in Fox's audience, but it must have been demoralizing for Fox's "legions" of serious journalists and news producers to be branded as Republican propagandists.
"Fox, White House said to agree to truce"

The fighting will quickly resume: "Thus dies one of the sweetest, easiest sources of bloggy material we’ve had in ages. RIP," says Allahpundit in Hot Air. But don't worry, "these truces never last." The next time Glenn Beck attacks "The One" the White House will realize it hasn't really bullied Fox News into "quiescence on the public option, and the fun will start all over again.
"Truce: White House, Fox News end feud"

There won't be peace because Fox News doesn't want it: Fox News can't "promise to be nice," said Doug Aravosis in America Blog. They're not a news outlet that can try to be more fair and balanced -- "they were set up as a conservative propaganda operation, and that is what they are to this day." If Fox News promised a truce, it can't be trusted.
"Fox and White House reach a truce?"