“Joe Biden is an idiot,” said Shannon Bell in Right Pundits. The vice president recently revealed to dinner companions the location of the “secret” secure hideout where he would go in the event of a terrorist attack or other national security threat. The Biden bunker gaffe begs a serious question: “What was Obama thinking when he asked Joe Biden to be next in line to the presidency?”

“Perhaps Obama named Biden as his running mate just to keep us all amused,” said Toby Harnden in Britain’s Daily Telegraph. But disclosing the location of the Biden bunker—beneath the vice presidential residence at the Old Naval Observatory—will serve as its own punishment. Biden will have “no undisclosed location in the event of a terrorist attack so he'll have to take his chances along with the rest of us.”

Conservative bloggers should be thanking the vice president, said Roy Edroso in The Village Voice. The Biden bunker is just another target for their “outrage.” It just goes to show: “As long as there are molehills, there will be rightbloggers to make mountains of them.”