Bra's metal underwire deflects bullet
A Detroit woman cheated death when she was shot in the chest and the bullet was deflected by the metal underwire of her push-up bra. The unidentified victim, 57, was watching three intruders try to break into her neighbor’s house when one of them shot at her, presumably to eliminate her as a witness. The bullet bounced off the bra, leaving her with a superficial wound. “We need to get some bulletproof vests made from that,” said Detroit Police Sgt. Eren Stephens Bell. “It is some strong wire.”

Britney Spears undergoes “flower therapy”
Britney Spears is hoping gardening can save her from addiction and mental illness, says the London Sun. The troubled singer, 27, is spending every free hour at her California home either working in the garden or studying horticultural texts as part of her “flower therapy,” which encourages gardening as a form of spirituality. “Britney has tried every kind of therapy going,” says the source. “This time seems different, though. She’s committed to learning as much as she can about horticulture and how it impacts your well-being.”
Swiss voters nix hiking in the nude
Swiss voters in the Alpine state of Appenzell have outlawed the practice of hiking in the nude. The tiny state had been recently inundated by hikers wearing nothing but socks and boots, most of them from neighboring Germany, whose national culture encourages public nudity as healthy and freeing. The Appenzell government, though, said that most residents find the swarms of nude hikers “thoroughly disturbing and irritating.”