Young boy goes joyriding
A 10-year-old Norwegian boy took his parents’ car for a joyride, then calmly told police that he was a dwarf who had forgotten his driver’s license. The youngster stole the car while his parents were sleeping and headed for his grandparents’ home 40 miles away. But after six miles, he crashed into a ditch. Police didn’t buy the boy’s imaginative defense and took him home. “[His parents] are going to pay very close attention both to their children and to their car keys in the future,” said an officer.

Bruce Willis is fed up ex-wife Demi Moore
Bruce Willis is fed up with his needy ex-wife, Demi Moore, said the National Enquirer. The two have remained friends since their 2000 divorce, but since she split with Ashton Kutcher, Moore has called Willis daily for advice on everything from dating to cooking. “Once, she called him in the middle of the night to ask what type of rice she should cook for dinner,” said a source. Willis, who is expecting his second child with wife Emma, has decided to draw a firmer boundary line. “Bruce is letting the phone go to voice mail,” said the source, “whether Demi likes it or not.”

A prisoner's Valentine's Day
A romantic Arizona inmate broke out of jail so that he could spend Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend. Joseph Dekenipp, 40, scaled a 12-foot wall and crawled through razor wire, before catching a ride to the Gallopin’ Goose Saloon & Grill, where he’d arranged to meet his sweetie. But authorities tracked him to the bar and hauled him back to jail. It could be a while before the lovebirds see each other, because Dekenipp—who was being held on suspicion of vehicle theft—now faces an additional escape charge.