New vision for 70-year-old
A 70-year-old Washington state man’s lifelong color blindness was cured after he received an unexpected bang to the head. When Richard Riggs tripped and banged his face on the floor, his vision exploded into Technicolor. “I’ve been color-blind since I was born,” said Riggs, “and at age 70 I see colors of the rainbow now.” He’s now looking forward to exploring his bright new world. “Every March we take a trip to Hawaii,” he said. “I can’t wait to get there with my new color sense and watch the flowers—and the bikinis.”

Tiger Woods's new fear
Tiger Woods is panicking because girlfriend Lindsey Vonn is clamoring for a baby, said the National Enquirer. Vonn, 29, recently suffered multiple knee injuries that forced her to withdraw from the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, and with her skiing career in jeopardy, she’s been talking about getting pregnant. Divorced dad-of-two Woods is adamant about not having more kids, and tried to deflect Vonn’s maternal instincts by buying her a puppy. But with Vonn still talking about becoming a mom, a source said, Tiger is now looking at her “as a potential ball and chain.”

No buyers for haunted house
A Pennsylvania couple spooked would-be homebuyers by describing their house as “slightly haunted.” Gregory and Sandi Leeson say they have experienced numerous mysterious phenomena at their 113-year-old Victorian. So when they listed the house for sale, Gregory playfully mentioned the haunting, including some 3 a.m. screams and “the occasional ghastly visage” in the mirror. The couple has had inquiries from ghost hunters, but no buyers. “I don’t think [the ad] has helped with marketing,” said Gregory.