Suicidal man helps save a stranger
A suicidal man who was threatening to jump off London Bridge helped save the life of a complete stranger drowning in the waters below. When emergency services arrived at London Bridge, they noticed the second man struggling to keep
his head above the freezing waters of the Thames. Police talked the would-be jumper down while volunteers rescued the drowning man—who couldn’t remember how he ended up in the water. “If it hadn’t been for the original incident,” said an official, “he would never have been spotted and would have drowned.”

Beyoncé dreads lavish Kardashian wedding
Beyoncé dreads having to attend Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s upcoming wedding, said The singer can’t skip the lavish May 24 ceremony in Paris, said a source, because her husband, Jay Z, is “best friends with Kanye.” But Beyoncé has made it clear that she thinks it’s tasteless that the nuptials will be featured on the Kardashians’ reality TV show, and is insisting that “under no circumstances will she be a part of any filming.’’ Beyoncé’s own wedding was a secret affair, and she thinks Kim’s plans are “tacky.”

Australian saves snake who ate her dog
An Australian woman who left her Chihuahua-mix chained up in her backyard found a huge python in its place with the dog’s chain poking out of its mouth. The woman was shocked, but summoned wildlife rescue workers to help the 8-foot-long snake, fearing it might choke. Officials said the python was doing fine, and would be released into the wild after it had finished digesting his meal. “He’s a very happy snake,” said veterinarian Michael Pyne.