Romanian swallows a metal fork
A Romanian man went to the emergency room complaining of intense chest pain, admitting after questioning by doctors that he’d swallowed a metal fork to win a drunken bet with a friend. Radu Calincescu, 25, was rushed for an X-ray, which revealed that a piece of cutlery was in fact lodged in his esophagus. Doctors were hoping the fork would pass naturally through Calincescu’s body. “I don’t think I will be taking part in any bets for a while,” he said.

The San Antonio Spurs get spooked
The San Antonio Spurs are vowing not to return to a century-old hotel in Berkeley, Calif., after several players had ghostly encounters there. After checking in to the Claremont Resort, center Jeff Ayres says he heard a baby babbling inside his room when he went to unlock the door. “I’m like, ‘What the heck?’” he said. Hotel workers went into the room and found that it was unoccupied. “It was the creepiest thing,” said Ayres. The hotel is rumored to be haunted by a girl who died there when she was 6. Other players said they heard phantom children crying and running down the halls. “I definitely heard something,” said forward Tim Duncan. “I’d rather not [stay there again].”

Steven Fields's spending spree
A Georgia teen who found $31,000 mistakenly deposited into his checking account allegedly spent most of it. A bank teller put the money deposited by one Steven Fields into the account of an 18-year-old by the same name. Within days, the younger Fields spent $26,000 to buy a used BMW and other items, and told bank officials that he thought the money was “from his grandmother’s estate,” police said. He’s been told to return the money, or face prosecution.