Controversy sprouts in the darnedest places, said David Knowles in AOL News. Walgreens stores in Chicago and Tampa started selling Chia-Pets that looked like President Obama, then abruptly pulled them from store shelves after complaints that the "lovably tacky botanical totems" were, in this case, racist. (watch a CNN report on Chia Obama)

Spare me the phony outrage, said Patrick McCain in Right Pundits. "The presidential resemblance is uncanny. From the transcendental gaze to the fuzzy hair to the lack of gravitas," the Obama Chia Pet "is what we have all been waiting for." (watch a commercial for Chia Obama)

Obama flip-flops are funny, said B.L. Ochman in Whatsnextblog. Obama T-shirts are fine. Even "Yes We Can" underwear is okay. But a Chia pet with a green Afro representing the first black president—that's "not funny. It's a racist, stupid ploy."