Good week for:

Disclosed locations, after Google Earth’s satellite imagery of the U.S. vice presidential residence in Washington, D.C., was once again available uncensored. When the home was occupied by Dick Cheney, it was obscured by pixilation.

Happy Meals, with the news that Manhattan executives who’d once lunched on expense-accounted steak and osso buco are now having their midday repast at fast-food restaurants. McDonald’s share price rose 11.22 percent over the past year, as most stocks collapsed.

Tina Fey, after Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin launched SarahPAC to help “build a better, stronger, and safer America in the 21st century.” Such political action committees are often the first step toward a run for higher office.

Bad week for:

Earthlings, after a former British Ministry of Defense official revealed that the Royal Air Force has fired on UFOs several times “with little effect.” Nick Pope said RAF planes had had numerous encounters with mysterious aircraft, and had only fired when a UFO was “deemed to be a threat.”

Sushi adventurers,
after seven Tokyo diners ordered fugu—blowfish—and wound up lying on the floor, partially paralyzed and struggling to breathe. Blowfish is laced with poison, and in this case, the chef apparently lacked the training to serve it.

Keeping your eye on the ball, after a male streaker disrupted a tennis match involving the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena. “I just thought, My eyes, my innocent eyes,” said Serena.