“The political media are up in arms because Sarah Palin won’t talk to them,” said Kirsten Powers in the New York Post, but it’s their own fault. No campaign will grant easy access when it knows “the press will make no honest attempt to be fair,” and the coverage of Palin has been massively biased from the start.

It’s hard to argue that the McCain-Palin camp isn’t going a bit overboard to protect Palin, said Chris Rovzar in New York magazine online. Either “Republicans are afraid Palin will crumble under direct questioning,” or, as CNN’s Campbell Brown complains, they’re making a sexist attempt to protect her as a “delicate flower” while selling her as a “pitbull with lipstick.”

If the press would stop “sniping” and pay attention, said Investor’s Business Daily in an editorial, it might see that Palin has been making serious foreign policy news. Her meetings with foreign heads of state this week “sent a stark message to the world’s tyrants” that a McCain administration would “stand by” America’s embattled friends.

Please, said the Chicago Tribune, if Palin’s hobnobbing had been serious John McCain would not have had her do it in a “news-free cocoon.” Everybody knows the first-term Alaska governor is no “whiz” on international relations yet. But, “you have to wonder, why is the McCain campaign so afraid?”