John McCain’s love of the truth used to be his greatest asset, said Richard Cohen in The Washington Post. But as he peddles lies about Barack Obama, such as his alleged support for sex education for kindergarteners and what he said about putting lipstick on a pig, McCain is becoming “the sort of politician he once despised.”

“There is an outbreak of artificial indignation over the ‘lies’ of Republicans,” said David Harsanyi in The Denver Post. The claim by McCain’s No. 2, Sarah Palin, that she said “Thanks, but no thanks” to the “bridge to nowhere” is certainly an “elastic political truth.” But the claim by the diehard liberal Democrat Obama that he stands for “post-partisan change” is as big a whopper as any.

Obama’s ad calling McCain computer illiterate was downright “dishonest,” said Jonah Goldberg in the Los Angeles Times. McCain is one of the Senate’s leading authorities on the Internet. Suggesting otherwise is just a cheap shot aimed at making McCain look “too old for the job.”

All politicians stretch the truth from time to time, said Steve Chapman in Reason. But McCain is acting as if “truth is irrelevant.” He says Obama would lose a war to win an election. But McCain seems willing to lose his soul.