A Bosnian pigeon has been jailed on charges of drug smuggling. Guards at Zenica prison noticed that four inmates became “visibly intoxicated” shortly after the pigeon landed on their windowsill. Officials now believe that the bird, a trained pet of one of the inmates, flew 40 miles to the town of Tuzla and returned with bags of heroin tied to its feet. “We do not know what to do with the pigeon,” said Deputy Warden Josip Pojavnik. “But for the time being it will remain behind bars.”

A cat with four ears has become an Internet sensation, after a Chicago couple adopted her and posted her photo on a website. Valerie and Ted Rock discovered the cat when a woman passed around a litter of kittens at a bar, asking if anyone would adopt the four-eared anomaly, which some people were calling “Beezlebub.” “People were making comments like, ‘I wouldn’t take this cat if I were you. It’s evil,’” said Valerie. She says the cat, which they’ve named Yoda, has proved to be “a very affectionate and social cat,” as well as a popular one. Online photos of the cat have drawn hundreds of thousands of hits from around the world.

A hit-and-run driver who killed a Florida pedestrian was arrested thanks to the trail of spaghetti sauce he left behind. Ana Perez-Hernandez, 25, was carrying a plastic container of homemade pasta when she was struck fatally by security guard Jose Santiago, 62, who was later arrested after police found food on his Toyota Corolla. “There aren’t too many vehicles with spaghetti on them,” said Miami Detective Lorraine Rubio.