A Japanese civil servant has been demoted for visiting pornographic websites at work 780,000 times over a nine-month period. The scale of the man’s habit came to light when technicians were trying to rid his computer of a virus and noticed that his browsing history included 170,000 visits to porn websites in one month alone. The man’s supervisors say he probably could have been caught sooner, but “each desk is set apart from each other.”

Tom Cruise has sent Katie Holmes for a much higher level of Scientology training, says Star. Holmes has been studying the secretive religion since she agreed to marry Cruise, but when she recently expressed a desire to go to New York without Cruise and star in a Broadway play, he decided she could benefit from some intensive training at “Gold Base,” a high-security Scientology compound in California. Holmes was then subjected to “auditing” sessions that last “for 36 hours straight with little sleep or food,” says a source. “She’s receiving lots of church teachings.”

A British actor suffered a heart attack and collapsed onstage at the precise moment during a play that his character was supposed to have a heart attack. Fortunately, Steve Dineen’s co-star Alice Selwyn realized he wasn’t faking and stopped the performance of Abigail’s Party to call for a doctor. Dineen is expected to make a full recovery, said spokesman Paul Brunton, but “it was very traumatic” when Dineen was lying on the stage, gasping. “It was almost like real life imitating art.”