Congressional search dispute
The Supreme Court refused to hear a case challenging the FBI’s search of a congressman’s office. The case was brought by Louisiana Democrat Rep. William Jefferson, who has been charged with taking bribes. He claimed that the FBI’s search of his Capitol Hill office violated the Constitution, which shields lawmakers from intrusions by the executive branch. A lower court disallowed the search but didn’t specify when such searches were permitted. It’s now up to Congress and the Justice Department to work out ground rules for such searches.

Mine safety agency faulted
Federal mine regulators ignored safety problems that led to a fatal Utah mine collapse last year, a federal watchdog said. The Labor Department’s inspector general said the Mine Safety and Health Administration “negligently” permitted Murray Energy to use “retreat mining,” which involves letting parts of a mine’s roof collapse behind miners. Six people were killed when Murray’s Crandall Canyon mine caved in; three rescuers also died. MSHA disputed the inspector general’s conclusion.