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ice ice maybe?

Twitter trolls NYT's election coping methods — which include an ice facial

Anxious about the election? The New York Times has some relaxation ideas for you ... unless, of course, you're among the Twitter users mercilessly trolling the outlet's now semi-viral five-item list, which suggests finding your election chill with a bowl of ice water to the face, or perhaps breathing "like a baby."

"Plunging face into bowl of ice water def not an option for me [at the moment]," wrote CNN's Kasie Hunt. "What to do."

"Better solution," added Fox Business' Jay Caruso, with a gif of Alec Baldwin pouring a drink.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz apparently felt the unintended joke needed little explanation, opting to contribute just two laughing emojis after highlighting the section on the ice bath.

The Daily Show then brought things back to Elon Musk ...

... while the Times' Jamelle Bouie offered some guidance of his own.

But perhaps the best piece of lighthearted election night advice was one not provided by the Times, but rather about it — and that's that, please, whatever you do ... don't watch the god-forsaken election needle.