Hillary Clinton has never ruled out running for president in 2016 and most observers think she'll do it. But now we have proof she's seriously considering a bid.

Politico has a fascinating report on a meeting early last summer in Clinton's Washington, DC home in which she was given a detailed presentation on what she needs to do to prepare for a White House bid.

Clinton listened closely but said little and made no commitments, according to people familiar with the nearly hourlong gathering. It appears to have been the only formal 2016-related presentation Clinton has been given from anyone outside her immediate circle. [Politico]

Meanwhile, while Clinton insists a formal decision is many months away, a shadow campaign is being built to lay the groundwork.

More from Politico:

More than two dozen people in her orbit interviewed for this article described a virtual campaign in waiting — a term that itself makes some of Clinton's supporters bristle — consisting of longtime Clinton loyalists as well as people who worked doggedly to elect her onetime rival Obama. [Politico]

Even more convincing is a TIME magazine report that Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign has rented its email list to "Ready for Hillary," one of the super PACs laying the groundwork for a potential bid.

Key takeaway: "It's not uncommon for defeated political campaigns to rent out their email lists to causes their sponsors support."