An ex-husband's revenge
A Michigan man has taken revenge on his ex-wife and her new lover by buying the house next door and erecting a giant yard sculpture of a hand flipping the bird. Detroit strip club owner Alan Markovitz spent $7,000 on the 12-foot-tall bronze statue, which is aimed at his ex-wife’s property and is illuminated by a spotlight at night. But Markovitz says the middle finger salute is aimed not at his ex-wife, but at her new partner—whom she allegedly started seeing while she and Markovitz were still married. “I’m so over her. This is about him,” he said. “He broke the man code.”

Stewart and Pattinson, together again?
The romance between Kristen Stewart and her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson could be back on, much to the dismay of his friends. The couple has broken up twice since Stewart was photographed kissing another man, but recently reunited during a weekend trip to Palm Springs, said Life & Style Weekly. “They decided that they can’t live without each other,” said a source. “[Stewart] suggested running off to get married.” Pattinson’s friends are now worried he’ll succumb. “He’s addicted to her, even though he knows she’s bad for him,” said the source. “Their relationship was so toxic.”

Fire alarms for an ice hotel
A Swedish hotel made entirely out of ice has installed fire alarms by order of government officials. Authorities warned the IceHotel—where guests sleep on ice beds in temperatures as low as 17 degrees Fahrenheit—that it would be shut down without the safety upgrade. So far, the alarm has gone off once, said a hotel spokeswoman. “It was just one of our guests who’d snuck off to the cleaning closet and had a cigarette,” she said.