While laying flowers on a grave...
A Brazilian woman laying flowers in a cemetery was given the shock of her life when a man started digging himself out of a neighboring grave. The mourner heard some strange moaning and noticed the soil moving around in a neighboring plot. To her horror, a pair of arms emerged from the dirt and began waving about. “I was terrified,” said the woman, who ran off and called the police. Authorities dug the man out of the ground, and took him to the hospital. Police think the man was beaten up, thrown into an empty grave by his assailants, and partly covered with dirt.

Lady Gaga's space concert
Lady Gaga is set to boldly go where no pop star has gone before and perform the first ever concert in space. The 27-year-old plans to blast off in a Virgin Galactic passenger spaceship in 2015, and sing one track as the craft cruises 62 miles above the earth. To make sure she can hit the right notes in zero gravity, the singer will spend a month in vocal training, a source told Us Weekly. Gaga has also “taken out a ridiculous life insurance policy,” the source said, just in case.

Champion tomahawk-thrower foils burglars
Two burglars picked the wrong victim when they tried to rob the California home of a champion tomahawk-thrower. Robin Irvine was sleeping when she felt someone trying to remove her wristwatch. Instinctively, she grabbed a tomahawk from her bedside, let out a war cry, and chased the men from her house. She restrained herself from hurling the ax at the burglars’ backs. “I hit what I aim for,” she said. But Irvine promised she wouldn’t go so easy on the next intruder. “If you’re in my house,” she said, “you’re not walking out.”