Baby's arrival hastened by lightning
A pregnant New Mexico woman gave birth weeks early after she was hit by a lightning bolt. Kendra Villanueva and her partner, Ian Gordon, were watching fireworks outside their Albuquerque home when they were both struck by lightning. “We woke up on the ground, and everybody was just trying to keep us calm,” said Gordon. Villanueva was rushed to the hospital and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The couple named their daughter Kimberly Samantha Rose Gordon, but said she’d already been nicknamed “Little Flash Gordon.” Her dad said that he hoped Little Flash would “run fast, or save the universe.”

Charlie Sheen hunts the Loch Ness Monster
Actor Charlie Sheen flew his private plane from the U.S. to Scotland so he could hunt the Loch Ness Monster. The 47-year-old hell-raiser jetted to the famous loch, and then jumped in a boat to search for the mythical beast, armed only with a bottle of Scotch, said The Sun (U.K.). Sheen gave up after four days in which Nessie failed to make an appearance.

How to change your fate
Japanese people intent on changing their fate are now having plastic surgery to alter their palms. In the ancient art of palm reading, the lines on the hands supposedly govern one’s life. Plastic surgeon Takaaki Matsuoka, who charges $1,000 per 10 minute operation, said that most male patients want to change lines associated with money and business, while women generally ask to change their love lines. “Sometimes the marriage line is there, but it came too early and the woman missed her chance,” said Matsuoka. “So we add another one.”