Tonight, President Obama will address Congress and the nation in his fourth State of the Union address, which is set to begin at 9 p.m. EST. If you won't be in front of a television — and even if you will be — be sure to follow along via social media. Here's how:  

Before the speech: 

At 7:30 p.m., chat live with White House reporter Paul Brandus on The Week's Facebook page. He'll give you the lowdown on what to expect from tonight's address.

During the speech: 

On Twitter, subscribe to @TheWeek's list of key political players, which includes both reporters and politicians who will be tweeting about the address. Separately, you'll want to follow the hashtag #SOTU.  

Follow the White House on Facebook, TwitterGoogle+, and on YouTube, where the address will stream live. According to the White House blog, they're rolling out a new tool called Citizen Response that allows users to easily select a passage from the address and share it on social media. 

House Republicans will stream the event live at, while simultaneously fact-checking the text of the speech. You can follow GOP House members on Twitter here

After the speech: 

Florida Senator Marco Rubio will give the GOP rebuttal to Obama's address. Follow him on FacebookTwitter, and on YouTube.

You can ask a panel of White House officials about the issues in the address using the Twitter hashtag #whchat. The panel will broadcast live here.

And share your thoughts about the address with us on Twitter