The video: The Christian counseling center owned by presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, reportedly uses faith-based therapy to "cure" homosexuality. Perhaps predictably, Jon Stewart is taking aim at the good doctor on The Daily Show. On Wednesday night, Stewart showed video of Dr. Bachmann enthusiastically dancing with his wife, and exclaimed, "That's the guy teaching people not to be gay, seriously." Stewart was then joined by Jerry Seinfeld, who administered "comedy repression therapy" to prevent Stewart from making cheap gay jokes at Bachmann's expense. "He's so gay, he calls Top Gun 'that volleyball movie,'" Stewart said, before Seinfeld slapped him across the face. "No, no, no!" said a finger-wagging Seinfeld. (See the videos below.)

The reaction: I have to wonder "why liberals are so anti-homosexual when it comes to righties they suspect of being gay," says Jason at Story Balloon. C'mon, what do you expect? says Katla McGlynn at The Huffington Post. The Bachmanns are ripe targets, and "it's just too easy to associate the doctor's desire to 'pray the gay away' with jokes about him having a repressed sexuality." Yeah, with the Minnesota congresswoman on the rise, this "was bound to happen," says James Withers at 365Gay. "If Team Bachmann is smart, they will not respond to any of this." Watch the segments on Bachmann: