The video: A new storm of speculation over Sarah Palin's presidential ambitions erupted this week after word leaked that a two-hour documentary about her will debut next month in Iowa — a critical early-voting state. Fox News viewers got a quick taste of the film, titled The Undefeated, Wednesday night when host Sean Hannity played a one-minute clip. (Watch it below.) The teaser centers on the former Alaska governor's aggressive stance against Exxon Mobil executives, and Alaska's confrontation with Big Oil about delays in drilling in untapped fields.

The reaction: It's obvious why Team Palin leaked this clip, says Colby Hall at Mediaite. It showcases the former governor "encouraging more domestic drilling and standing up for the little guy," smart talking points for a GOP campaign strategy. Highlighting her record of tackling environmental crises makes her seem presidential, says John Nolte at Big Hollywood: "One can only imagine how much differently a President Palin would've handled the BP oil spill." Oh please, says Matt Browner Hamlin at AMERICAblog. Whether Palin decides to pursue the GOP presidential nomination or not, it looks like this extended "Palin ad" will provide enough "mockable material to last a whole election cycle." See the clip for yourself: