The video: A recent performance by Gwar, a decades-old metal band known for its elaborate costumes and violent theatrics, has some commentators wondering if the tendency to attack Sarah Palin has gone too far. (View clip below.) At a recent concert, the band, clad in "full sci-fi gross-out regalia," pretended to disembowel a stand-in for the former Alaska governor as a crowd cheered. "I just want you to know that after tonight you will never have to worry about Sarah Palin being your president ever again," said a member of the band. 
The reaction: "Hating Sarah Palin is a personal hobby of mine," says Maureen O'Connor at Gawker. "But there are lines even I won't cross... visceral hatred need not necessitate actual evisceration." Yeah, this is "not cool," says Noah Garfinkel at Best Week Ever. It just shows that "there is weird theatrical music out there that is worse than Sarah Palin." We're talking about Gwar here, says Current TV. "When you're a form of metal band which performs in a epic costumes, it's only natural you'd disembowel a mocked politician at some point during the set list." Warning: The following clip contains strong language.