The video: By remixing vintage Disney cartoons with recent talk-radio audio snippets, political artist and "pop culture hacker" Jonathan McIntosh has created a seven-minute clip about a cash-strapped, downtrodden Donald Duck finding solace in Glenn Beck's radio show. (Watch video below.) In the spot, which has quickly gone viral, Donald comes to see Goofy and Pluto as "communists and Marxists" and grows apoplectic over the threat of Obama, immigrants, and other Beck targets.
The reaction:
"This is brilliant," says Joe Carter at First Things. The Donald Duck-Glenn Beck pairing certainly "makes sense," says Max Read at Gawker. They're both "angry, inarticulate, and white." Even Glenn Beck admits that it's "some of the best, well-made propaganda I have ever seen." Watch it while you can says Henry at Crooked Timber. I suspect that a "take-down notice from the Mickey copyright mafia" is forthcoming. Here's the clip: