Just as it looked as if things couldn't get any worse for Tiger Woods, the embattled golfer has been linked to allegations of illegal doping. According to The New York Times, the FBI is investigating Dr. Anthony Galea, a Canadian doctor who helped Woods recuperate from knee surgery earlier this year (with a series of four treatments), for allegedly providing athletes—including Canadian sprinter Donovan Bailey—with performance-enhancing drugs. No athletes are currently under investigation, but could Tiger's association with a "doping scandal," however tenuous, be the last straw for his fans and sponsors?

Enough, already: Woods' agent apparently pleaded with The New York Times to "give the kid a break," writes Cajun Boy on Animal New York, and I'm tempted to agree. You can't blame Tiger for using "complicated treatments" to recover from injuries—isn't it just the same as a surgeon having LASIK treatment "so that he can continue to do his job?" Woods is reportedly "on the edge" following this latest revelation. "Who can blame him?"
Tiger Woods now implicated in possible steroid scandal

Woods should have used better judgment: Why didn't Woods "check the résumé" of this crackpot doctor before signing up for surgery, asks Jay Mariotti on FanHouse—Galea has admitted taking human growth hormone himself. Now fans upset at Tiger's philandering will be wondering if he has been "cheating on the golf course, too."
What's Woods doing with HGH doctor?

It's a non-story—but it prolongs the media feeding frenzy: There isn't actually much "meat" on this story, writes Dashiell Bennett in Deadspin. Galea may be guilty of breaking an "obscure Canadian customs law," but it seems unlikely his treatments were "illegal." Unfortunately for Woods, that doesn't matter. After all the revelations of his "shady cougar-hunting ways," the media will have a field day with it anyway.
Tiger's latest mistress: a doping scandal


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