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Tiger Woods' mistresses: A complete guide

As the Tiger Woods scandal grows ever more labyrinthine, here are the vital facts on all 11 women who've allegedly had affairs with the embattled golfer

As the Woods affair continues to grab headlines around the world, newspapers and news sites have taken to referring to the women in numerical terms—speaking, for instance, of Tiger Woods' "seventh mistress" or "8th woman." Making it even more confusing, much of the reporting that has driven the tally has come from tabloids and gossip websites, without clear reporting standards. Keeping in mind the caveat that nearly all the "facts" in the Woods affair remain murky, here's a numerical key to the women who have reportedly been involved with the golfer:1. RACHEL UCHITELAge: 34Occupation: "VIP event organizer"Hometown: New York, NYAffair began: June 2009, allegedlyDetails: According to The National Enquirer, Uchitel and Woods met at a nightclub in May of this year. Uchitel, who reportedly has hundreds of text messages and e-mails from Woods, denied the alleged affair, saying, "We have never had an affair, talked on the phone, or sent any type of text, sexy or not." But after Uchitel's lawyer, Gloria Allred, canceled a scheduled press conference during which Uchitel was expected to "come clean" about the affair, reports surfaced of a seven-figure "payoff" from Woods to keep Uchitel silent. Thus far, neither Uchitel nor Woods has admitted to the affair. More recent reports suggest that Uchitel's larger role was to arrange "women for Tiger during his globetrotting excursions."

2. JAIMEE GRUBBSAge: 24Occupation: Cocktail waitressHometown: Los Angeles, NVAffair began: April 2007Details: Grubbs, the second woman linked to Tiger Woods in the press, was the first to openly admit to having been sexually involved with him. Grubbs, who previously appeared on VH1's Tool Academy, told Us Weekly that she and Woods had sex "20 times" since April 2007. She also released a voicemail and text messages from Woods to the magazine. Grubbs has reportedly received $150,000 for the rights to her story. Woods has not yet commented directly about the alleged affair.

3. KALIKA MOQUIN Age: 27Occupation: Marketing manager at the Bank nightclub in Las VegasHometown: Las Vegas, NVAffair began: October 2009 or beforeDetails: Us Weekly has reported that, according to a "reliable source," Woods met Moquin at a Las Vegas event in 2006, and the two spent the night of Oct. 22, 2009, together at Woods's MGM Grand suite. Moquin's statement: "It's not appropriate for me to comment one way or the other." According to the sports blog Deadspin, Moquin also procured women for Woods while he was on tour.

4. JAMIE JUNGERSAge: 26Occupation: Lingerie modelHometown: Las Vegas, NVAffair began: October 2004Details: Jungers, the fourth alleged mistress to surface in press reports, was first named in the British tabloid The Mirror. Her former fiancée says, "I knew Tiger had come on to her and asked for her number. I knew that he called her whenever he came to Las Vegas. But she insisted that nothing was going on." Jungers, a former model for Trashy Girls lingerie, was reportedly in the process of landing a deal with a British tabloid to tell her story when, at the last minute, she decided not to go on the record.

5. MINDY LAWTON Age: 34Occupation: WaitressHometown: Orlando, FLAffair began: April 2006Details: The most outspoken of Tiger's alleged mistresses, Mindy Lawton reportedly met Woods at a Perkins restaurant near the golfer's Isleworth, Fla., home, where Lawton was an $8-per-hour waitress. According to Lawton, their relationship soon turned into an intimate affair with regular rendezvous in Woods's mansion and even in the back seat of his Cadillac in a church parking lot. In an interview with News of the World, she's alluded to "rough" antics. Later she realized that "all he wanted [her] for was sex." Lawton claims to have come forward with details of the affair because she wants "his wife to know what a cheat he has been."

6. CORI RIST Age: 31Occupation: Unknown, socialiteHometown: New York, NYAffair began: January 2008Details: According to unnamed sources, known New York partygoer Cori Rist met Woods last year at Manhattan's Butter nightclub. After the pair ran into each other again at a party, Woods allegedly began flying Rist to meet him while on tour. "Tiger would typically get a large suite at a hotel," a source told the N.Y. Daily News. "Someone would book Cori an adjacent room, so she wouldn't be seen coming into his room." When asked about the affair, Rist refused to comment.

7. HOLLY SAMPSON Age: UnknownOccupation: Adult-film actressHometown: Tucson, AZAffair began: UnknownDetails: Holly Sampson was first named as an alleged mistress by Britian's Daily Mail, which reported that the erotic-film star was "not denying she bedded Tiger." In a video interview recorded in May 2009 for the adult website Naughty America, which surfaced after reports of the affair, Sampson admitted to having had "protected" sex with Woods at his bachelor party. Sampson, who also goes by Nicolette Foster, has appeared in 85 films, including OMG, Stop Tickling Me and Cheating Housewives 6.

8. NAME UNKNOWN Age: UnknownOccupation: Former cocktail waitressHometown: Orlando, FLAffair began: 2004According to her Orlando attorney, Michael O'Quinn, this so-far-unnamed former cocktail waitress claims to have met Woods when she was 20 years old, while working at the Roxy club in Orlando. The pair, he says, engaged in a two-year affair, before and during his marriage to Elin Nordengren. The woman claims Tiger's marriage to Nordengren was "only for publicity."

9. NAME UNKNOWNAge: UnknownOccupation: TV presenterHometown: England (town unknown)Affair began: 2000Details: Speaking with U.K.'s The Sun newspaper, a "golf insider" claims that Woods had an affair with an as-yet-identified British television personality, describing her as "really sexy and very well-known," and adding that "a very famous golfer—a good friend of mine—told me about [the affair] years ago." According to the source, the unnamed woman was single at the time, but is now married.

10. NAME UNKNOWNAge: UnknownOccupation: UnknownAffair began: UnknownDetails: In the same report by The Sun identifying the "mystery" TV presenter, the newspaper reports that Woods was also said to have had relations with "a sexy-hungry 'cougar.'"

11. VERONICA SIWIK-DANIELS, aka JOSLYN JAMESAge: 39Occupation: Adult-film starHometown: UnknownAffair began: Unknown

Details: According to sports blog Deadspin, Veronica Siwik-Daniels (aka Joslyn James) was Woods' "full-time" mistress for years. An unnamed "VIP concierge" points to Siwik-Daniels's recent Facebook update, which reads, "I find it comical when certain individuals have no life of their own and want to be ME ... so terribly bad" as "proof" of the relationship.

12. LOREDANA FERRIOLO, aka LOREDANA JOLIEAge: UnknownOccupation: ModelHometown: New York, NYAffair began: 2006 or early 2007

Details: Hollywood madame Michelle Braun claims to have set up Tiger Woods with former Playboy pinup Loredana Ferriolo (aka Loredana Jolie) "four or five times," and that he paid $15,000-per-evening with the model. Braun also said Woods would pay up to $60,000 for group sex with Ferriolo and other high-priced prostitutes. Speaking through her lawyer, Ferriolo denied that she'd had sex with Woods, but that he gave her money and jewelry.

13. JULIE POSTLEAge: 26Occupation: Former cocktail waitressHometown: Orlando, FLAffair began: 2004

Details: According to the New York Post, former Orlando bartender Brian Kimbrough, 28, claims Tiger Woods "stole" his then-girlfriend, Julie Postle in 2004. Kimbrough said Woods would call Postle on her cell phone, and that she kept his number under the name "Mr. Brightside." Postle's lawyer, Michael O'Quinn declined to comment on the matter.

14. THERESA ROGERSAge: 40s Occupation: UnknownHometown: Wellington, FLAffair began: Unknown

Details: Tiger Woods' affair with Theresa Rogers allegedly began before Woods' marriage to Elin Nordegren and continued for five years, says Radar Online. The report claims Rogers is being represented by Gloria Allred, who also represents Rachel Uchitel. Both Rogers and Allred refused comment.


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