Good Week, Bad Week

What happened this week that's good...and what wasn't.

Bad Hair

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Andrew Reale

Cause he the real deal, yo! Cause he the real deal, yo!Cause he the real deal, yo!Cause he the real deal, yo!

Gene Newman

Cause he not the real deal, yo! Cause he not the real deal, yo!Cause he not the real deal, yo!Cause he not the real deal, yo!

Congressional privilege

when Rep. Sanford Bishop (D–Ga.) confronted a long line for an airplane bathroom and demanded that flight attendants give him a paper cup.

Bizarre political pronouncements

as Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura announced he will not seek re-election, reducing America’s inventory of wrestling, sports-announcing governers by 100 percent.

Congressional privilege

When Rep. Sanford Bishop (D'“Ga.) confronted a long line for an airplane bathroom and demanded that flight attendants give him a paper cup.

Bizarre political pronouncements

As Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura announced he will not seek re-election, reducing America's inventory of wrestling, sports-announcing governers by 100 percent.




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Rough justice

when Oswaldo Martinez, a 28-year-old Panamanian accused of murder, attempted to escape from prison.

Polish jokes

as Poles finished first among all Europeans in a test of history and current events sponsored by Reader’s Digest.

Open government

as authorities in Tijuana installed Internet-connected video camera in police stations and jails to prove to viewers across the world that Mexican cops no longer take bribes or torture prisoners.


as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays had to postpone Jason Tyner Bobblehead Day after honoree Jason Tyner, batting .214, was sent to the minors.

Italian women

after an inventor unveiled a microchip-equipped line of panties that sound a loud alarm when the wearer’s bottom is pinched.

National security

when parts for U.S. spy planes and other classified equipment turned up on eBay.

Cutthroat capitalism

after an Italian prostitute was arrested for charging customers too little.


after a Montana cowboy tried to rescind a $2,000 tip he left for a waitress on an $11 tab.

Cutthroat capitalism

after an Italian prostitute was arrested for charging customers too little.


after a Montana cowboy tried to rescind a $2,000 tip he left for a waitress on an $11 tab.

Chicken pluckers

whose repetitive-stress injuries may heal now that a new breed of featherless poultry is headed for the market.

Tough guys

after a Montana man brandished a pistol in a bar fight, then shot himself in the privates while stuffing the gun into his waistband.

Sacking and pillaging

now that Mongolians are rehabilitating the reputation of Genghis Khan.

Little boys

when six 10-year-olds were yanked off a Colorado playground and sent to detention for playing “army and aliens,” using their fingers as make-believe guns.

Living large

now that plus-size aerobics instructor Jennifer Portnick of San Francisco has persuaded Jazzercize, Inc. to drop its requirement that instructors look fit.


after Mariah Carey was voted the pop star people most wanted to kick off the planet.

Bargain hunters

now that Linda Lay, wife of ex-Enron chief Ken Lay, is opening a Houston boutique called Jus’ Stuff, where she plans to sell the family’s heirlooms to raise some cash.

Hair rage

now that a jury has convicted Paul Peyton III of assault. Peyton tried to ram his truck into the Idaho salon Fantastic Sam’s after complaining he had received a bad haircut.

Method acting

now that tean actor Robert Iler of The Sopranos has admitted to participating in a mugging that netted $41. Iler, who had pot in his pocket when cops arrested him, escaped jail time with his belated confession.

Hoss and Little Joe

now that a boyhood neighbor of Osama bin Laden’s has revealed that the terrorist was a big fan of the TV show Bonanza. “That was one of the favorites,” Dr. Khaled Batarfi told a Saudi newspaper.

Old bones

when a 90-year-old Scottish woman completed the 26.2-mile London Marathon. Jenny Wood Allen finished in 11 hours and 34 minutes. Two friends crossed the line behind her, so she wouldn’t come in last.


after The Simpsons visited Rio de Janiero and found it overrun with monkeys, rats, and bisexual men. Local tourism officials threatened to sue, and the cartoon show’s producers apologized.

Paper money

now that the U.S. Mint has announced it will stop mass-producing the Sacagawea coin. Few people chose to use the gold-colored dollar, and production dropped from 1 billion to 90 million in 2001. A small number will still be minted, primarily for collecters.

Your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren

who might suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs. Astronomers have spotted a half-mile-wide space rock headed toward Earth. It won’t get here for 878 years, but could make a 10-mile-wide crater, create immense tidal waves, and change the planet’s weather.

Raggedy Ann

after the rag doll beat out G.I. Joe and 90 other contenders to be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Raggedy Ann joined Hall of Famers Mr. Potato Head, the Hula Hoop, the Slinky, and Silly Putty.

The French

whose famously fearless ancestors, the Gauls, never existed, according to historian Christian Goudineau. Conquering Romans makde up stories about warlike Gauls–still a source of French national pride–to impress the folks back home, Gordineau claims in a new book, Par Toutatis

The underdog

after a 2-year-old dachshund named Ava survived a scrape with a bald eagle in Maine. The massive bird snatched the 12-pound dog off the ground and carried it 300 feet before dropping it. Ava has had two operations and is expected to fully recover.

The Grizzly Adams look

after a poll showed that six out of 10 Americans think former vice president Al Gore looks better without a beard.

Planet Earth

which narrowly missed being walloped by a 70-yard-long asteroid packing the energy of a 4-megaton nuclear bomb. Astronomers didn’t see it coming until just before it passed 288,000 miles from the planet—1.2 times the distance from the Earth to the moon—because it came from the direction of the sun.


after a block of ice the size of Rhode Island broke off the floating ice fringe of Antarctica. Scientists say temperatures in the area have risen 4.5 degrees in five decades, rapidly melting a frozen shelf that’s lasted 12,000 years.


after the Colorado town of Nederland attracted more than 400 visitors for a two-day festival honoring a cryogenically frozen man. The man, who died in 1989, is packed in dry ice and stored in a shed. The name of the festival: “Frozen Dead Guy Days.”


after a fight broke out as Texas high school students watched a play called Stop the Violence. The play was halted when one boy in the audience punched another in the face, and as students spilled into the hall, a brawl ensued.

Class envy

after the stock market’s woes bumped 83 wealthy people off the list of the world’s billionaires. Thanks to the recession, Forbes magazine reported, only 497 billionaires are left.


after voters rejected Rep. Gary Condit’s attempt to continue his political career. Condit was trounced in the Democratic primary, then prompty blamed the press. “sI’ve tried to be dignified,” he said, “but you guys have pretty much taken the hide off my career.”


now that the Doomsday Clock on the move again. For the first time in four years, the board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved the hands of the symbolic timepiece forward two minutes, to 11:53 p.m. The scientists said terrorism and the threat of further war had raised the risk of global annihilation.

White lies

when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced the Pentagon was closing it Office of Strategic Information. The office was established after Sept. 11 to build support for U.S. policy abroad, but became the target of ridicule after news leaks revealed secret plans to spread false information.


who experienced a minute of extreme joy at 8:02 p.m. on Feb. 20. For the first time in nearly 900 years, time stood in perfect symmetry. The hour, on the military clock, was 20:02. The date, the 20th day of month 02. The year, 2002. The last such moment came at 11:11 a.m. on the 11th of November, 1111.


after a Filipino man reportedly shot another man dead for jeering an off-key rendition of “My Way” in a Manila karaoke bar.

Chicken fat

now that the University of Georgia has found a way to hear classrooms by burning it. The fat produces about 90 percent of the heat derived from the more expensive traditional fuels. So far the university has reported no odor-related complaints.

Osama bin Laden

after the Minnesota state legislature introduced a bill that would put the terrorist’s image on a scratch-off lottery ticket. Players would discover their winnings by scratching off—“and thus obliterating,” as the bill puts it—bin Laden’s face.

Mr. Potato Head

who just turned 50. The Hasbro toy company, which has sold 50 million of the toys since 1952, threw him a birthday party. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head will mark their golden wedding anniversary next year.


after a man tried to wake sleeping relatives to tell them their garage was on fire, but was mistaken for a burglar and beaten with an aluminum baseball bat. Joe Leavitt was taked to a Florence, Ala. hospital for bruises and a cut on his head.


now that prune burgers, a blend of beef and prune puree, have passed a taste test in government kitchens. The Agricultural Department, which buys excess produce to boost farm prices, floats innovative recipes to schools in the hopes that they’ll use the surplus goods. Broccoli gaucamole did not pass the test.

Althletic excellence

after the Salt Lake Organizing Committee stocked up on 12,000 condoms for athletes arriving for the Winter Olympic Games.


after a 19-year-old Pennsylvania woman foiled a carjacker by crashing her car into a tree. The man hopped into the woman’s vehicle at a car wash, ordering her to drive off. The woman, “afraid for her life,” stepped on the gas and hoped for the best. She suffered only bruises, and the carjacker ran away.

Air travel

after a traveler spent two hours stuck to a toilet seat on a transatlantic flight. An American passenger on the Scandinavian airline SAS was still on the toilet when she pushed the flush button and was sealed in place by the toilet’s powerful vacuum. The flight crew couldn’t pull her free, leaving the woman fastened to the john until the plane landed.


as an Elvis Presley song, “A Little Less Conversation,” updated by DJ Junkie XL, reached the top of the charts.

Canadian self-respect

after a new study showed that well-educated Canadians are emigrating to America at record rates.


as an Elvis Presley song, “A Little Less Conversation,” updated by DJ Junkie XL, reached the top of the charts.

Canadian self-respect

after a new study showed that well-educated Canadians are emigrating to America at record rates.


after Yahoo! became the first top-tier Internet company to embrace the porn industry, opening an online store stocked with thousands of hardcore videos and DVDs.

Hungry New Yorkers

after a homeless man was arrested for allegedly spraying sample of his own urine and feces onto open food trays in a dozen Manhattan delis.

Australian beer drinkers

after a delivery truck hauling 24,000 bottles of beer plunged into a river near Sydney. Nearby residents have been treating the river as a huge outdoor cooler, as they periodically dive in for a cold brew.

Soft drinks

after Native American groups in Alaska declared a campaign to “Stop the pop.” The Alaska native Tribal Healthy Consortium blames soda drinking for increasing obesity and tooth decay among Native American kids.

Tube rides

after the London Underground decided to try perfuming a few of the smellier, more crowded subway stops to perk up commuters. The Underground calls the scent a “rich, rosy, jasmine bouquet.”


which is no longer receiving Federal Express packages. Fed Ex officials said the tiny Massachusetts island off Martha’s Vineyard has bumpy, unsafe roads.

Elevator sex

which is no longer punishable under Italy’s laws against public obscenity. The Italian parliament declared that once the doors close, the elevator becomes a private space.

Jenna Bush

daughter of George W., who was cited by police for underage drinking at an Austin bar. Jenna, 19, is a first-year student at the University of Texas.

Soccer players

after a study concluded that heading a soccer ball does not cause brain damage. Researchers said that a player tenses the neck, which spreads the impact over the whole body and protects the brain from injury.


because millions of Mother’s Day blossoms sold in he U.S. came from Latin American plantations, some of which use dangerous pesticides illegal in the U.S.

Shacking up

after newly released census figures showed the number of unmarried couples living together nearly doubled over the last decade.


after the Center for Food Safety asked the government to put a moratorium on genetically engineered fish. The group said the fish pose a threat to natural species.


after British Airways announced it would resume supersonic Concorde flights by the end of the summer. The fleet has been grounded since Air France Concorde crashed last July, killing all 113 people aboard.

The Yakama Indian Nation

which got stiffed on a $32,000 bill for two rain ceremonies intended to end a Northwest drought. The Native Americans sent the bill to the Bonneville Power Administration, which has seen its hydroelectric power production squeezed by dry weather. The federal agency said it never asked for the ceremonies, which tribal leaders say worked and brought rain.

Al Sharpton’s waistline

after the ample civil rights activist went on a hunger strike to protest his three-month sentence for trespassing. Sharpton was arrested on military property during a demonstration against the U.S. Navy’s bombing range on Vieques island in Puerto Rico.

Johnnie Cochran

after a California judge reinstated a palimony suit against the former O.J. Simpson “Dream Team” lawyer. This is the second suit in five years filed by Patricia Cochran, who assumed the now-married lawyer’s name during their 18-year relationship.

Space tourists

after NASA chief Dan Goldin said the agency was considering arranging to send civilians to the International Space Station when it’s not busy. NASA was widely criticized for trying to block civilian Dennis Tito from blasting off on a Russian rocket last month.

Warren Beatty

after E! Online proclaimed his recent film Town & Country the biggest flop of all time. The sex farce disappeared from theaters after four weeks, having earned back just $6.7 million of its $85 million budget.


who will return to television this summer after a 10-year absence. ABC plans to air spots in which the green claymation character and his sidekick, Pokey, an orange pony, will plug summer reruns.

A Canadian artist

who discovered on the Internet that one of his paintings is displayed on the cover of a novel widely believed to have been written by Saddam Hussein. Lawyers are looking into the matter for artist Jonathon Earl Bowser.


after one male Madonna fan agreed to go to bed with a female sex columnist for a German online magazine in return for a ticket to the pop diva’s sold-out Berlin concert. Columnist Shelley Masters chose “Aaron T.” out of the 90 men who applied.

Bill Gates

after a computer hacker claimed to have nipped the software magnate’s credit-card number from the Internet and used it to send him an order of Viagra.


after a man was found guilty of killing his dog because he thought it was gay. George Finley, of Ocala, Fla., said he struck his male poodle-Yorkshire terrier accidentally. But prosecutors said he hit it with a pipe and threw it against a tree because it tried to have sex with another family canine, a male Jack Russell.

The Georgia state flag

after a survey determined that the newly redesigned state banner, with its shrunken rebel battle emblem, is the ugliest flag in North America.

John Lennon

after Liverpool officials prepared to rename the city’s airport after the late Beatle. The airport unveiled a new logo featuring Lennon’s picture, and the facility will be officially dubbed Liverpool John Lennon Airport when a new terminal opens next year.

The Brown family

after O.J. Simpson said Nicole Brown Simpson was “stalking” him before she was mysteriously murdered. Simpson said Nicole followed him to the golf course every day in a desperate attempt to get him back.


now that Cost of Government Day has passed and they have collectively earned enough this year to pay all their local, state, and federal taxes. The group Americans for Tax Reform trumpets the day—July 6 this year—as the one on which taxpayers start earning money for themselves.

‘The King’

after the Indianapolis arena where Elvis Presley gave his last performance was demolished. A member of the demolition team paused before blowing up the building, and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.”


now that the city of Escalante, Utah is considering an ordinance requring all heads of hourseholds to own a firearm.

Prison guards

after an inmate convicted of attempted murder slipped out of a Los Angeles jail wearing an ID badge he created with a picture of movie star Eddie Murphy. Escapee Kevin Jerome Pullum bears only a slight resemblance to the famed comedian.

Lazy brown baggers

who can now make their sandwiches with pre-sliced slabs of peanut butter. An Oklahoma company is test-marketing the sandwich-ready slices, which come individually wrapped in plastic, like American cheese.

Temperance advocates

after Arkansas native Mary Thompson, the world’s oldest person, announced plans to celebrate her 119th birthday with a shot of whiskey. Her preferred drink is top-shelf Crown Royal.

Bad hair days

now that they’re the latest fashion. Hair sprays made of saltwater, kelp, and algae promise to give wearers that disheveled, sticky “beach hair” look that usually follows a day in the wind and the water.

Prepared breakfast foods

after Pop Tarts were blamed for starting a house fire. Brenda Hurff and her husband are suing the Kellogg Co., which makes the breakfast pastries, for $100,000. They say they left a cherry Pop Tart unattended in their toaster and it burst into flames, which spread through their New Jersey house.


who will now be able to see more celestial wonders in Calgary, Canada. Amateur astronomers complained that city lights were so bright they couldn’t see the stars, so the city council spent $5 million to install dimmer streetlight bulbs.


which a new study says makes people less efficient. By trying to do several things at once, we end up devoting less brain activity to each task.


after a renegade Roman Catholic archbishop renounced his marriage to a follower of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. After meeting with officials at the Vatican, Archbishop Emmanuel Mililingo of Zambia said he would resume his priestly vows and promised the pope, “I am your humble and obedient servant.”

Peeping Toms

after two former cheerleaders sued 23 NFL teams for $75,000 each, accusing players of watching them undress through a hole in a locker room door.

Neat freaks

after the space shuttle Discovery hauled of 3,700 pounds of garbage from the International Space Station. The trash included empty food containers, clothes, and packing foam.

The Swampmaster

who wrenched his knee trying to get away from a 7-foot alligator that humped at him during his Gator Show at the Western Idaho Fair. Jeff Quattrocchi, who calls himself Swampmaster when he’s wrestling giant reptiles, had to cancel his popular show due to the injury.

Pack rats

after a collector took a dusty painting to the Antiques Roadshow, where an expert told him the piece was by N.C. Wyeth and has a value of $250,000.

Extreme Sports

after French stuntman Thierry Devaux ended up dangling helplessly from the Stature of Liberty’s torch. Devaux rode a motorize paraglider to the top of the statue in preparation for a daring bungee jump, but had to be rescued after the red chute on his flying machine got snagged.

The dead

who received $31 million last year in Social Security payments, according to an audit based on the agency’s own files.


which angered gun owners by eliminating the fake firing of pistols at rampaging hippos on its Jungle Cruise ride. Alan Gottleib of the Second Amendment Foundation said the company had revealed “its bias against legitimate gun ownership and legitimate gun use.”

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