The second debate of the 2016 presidential election was like no other in American history. Republican Donald Trump, backed into a corner after the release of tapes containing his lewd comments about women, was fighting to save his candidacy, drag down Democrat Hillary Clinton, and woo undecided voters all at once. How successful he was — well, that's up to you to decide. But to paraphrase Trump himself, it certainly was interesting.

In fact, it still doesn't even quite feel real. Here are the top 11 pinch-me-am-I-dreaming-or-having-a-nightmare moments from the debate.

1. Clinton and Trump didn't shake hands before the debate.

It almost looked like they were going to go for it ... but nope.

2. Everyone inexplicably became obsessed with audience member Ken Bone.

They particularly liked his red sweater.

3. Trump had a meltdown over the moderators cutting him off.

Not being the only one who gets to talk is rough.

4. Trump threw his running mate under the bus.

That'll be an awkward phone call.

5. Trump, trying to talk about Russia, just ended up saying "Russia" over and over again.

To be fair, he slipped in a line about how "great" his balance sheet is, too.

6. Trump accused Clinton of having "tremendous hatred in her heart."

And Clinton's expression in the background was priceless.

7. Clinton couldn't really say anything positive about Trump.

I respect his ... children?

8. Trump said "of course" he doesn't pay federal income taxes.


9. Trump loomed over Clinton's shoulder throughout the debate.

Just ... sit down.

10. The undecided voters reacting to Trump were priceless.

We've all been there.

11. Trump said if he was in charge, Clinton would be in jail.

You can't make this stuff up.