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Musk subpoenas Dorsey as Twitter acquisition drama continues

Just when you thought this deal was old news ... think again.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently subpoenaed friend and ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as part of his bid to withdraw from a previously-proposed, $44-billion Twitter acquisition deal, multiple outlets have reported, per court documents.

Musk has laid the blame for his withdrawal at Twitter's feet, claiming the company failed to provide him with necessary information pertaining to the number of fake accounts on its service. Twitter, however, thinks Musk just got cold feet. Either way, the two parties will head to trial in Delaware on Oct. 17, where a judge will determine "whether or not Twitter can force the billionaire to go through with the acquisition," writes The Associated Press.

Per the subpoena, it seems Musk wants Dorsey to "provide information pertaining to Twitter's user base and the number of spam accounts on its platform," Axios summarizes, as well as "documents and communications related to the acquisition," AP notes. That said, it's odd that Musk is subpoenaing his friend, who has been publicly and privately supportive of the takeover deal, Axios adds.

Otherwise, "both parties have filed dozens of subpoena requests, asking banks, investment firms, executives and high-profile Silicon Valley figures for information and communications about the deal," NPR writes.

Per AP, the subpoena was served last week.