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Late night hosts joke about great NFL playoffs, terrible RFK Jr. Nazi analogies

"This weekend was the divisional round of the NFL playoffs," and "people are calling it the greatest playoff weekend of all time," except "everyone from Buffalo, Green Bay, Tennessee, and Tampa,'" Jimmy Fallon said on Monday's Tonight Show. In one notable upset, "Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers hosted the San Francisco 49ers and lost in Green Bay. In other words, Aaron Rodgers failed his at-home test."

"Aaron Rodgers, you may recall, was caught in a series of lies about his vaccination status earlier in the season," Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live. "Before the game he lashed out at President Biden, said we have a 'fake White House,'" but "Karen Rodgers wasn't the only the only anti-vaxxer speaking out this weekend," he said. "Thousands of far-right-wing nuts joined thousands of far-left-wing nuts for what was billed as a Defeat the Mandates rally" in Washington.

There were lots of bizarro speakers, but "the keynote speech came from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who somehow managed to connect the dots from vaccination to Hitler," with a shout out to Anne Frank, Kimmel said. "Robert obviously never finished the book. But this must have been so disappointing. Some of these whack-jobs, you know they've been expecting JFK Jr. to come back to life. Instead they got RFK Jr. It's like going to see The Jackson Five and only Tito shows up."

"Crazy is relative, because RFK may be saying wild sh-t about the Holocaust, but half the people he's talking to don't even believe the Holocaust happened," Trevor Noah noted at The Daily Show. "Yeah, they're just standing there like, 'Anne Frank? Didn't realize this guy was such a liberal!'"

Noah also cheered the weekend's playoff games but suggested the NFL to scrap its sudden-death overtime rule and "archaic" coin toss. "Instead of a coin, they should switch to crypto," he said. "Both teams get a bitcoin, and then whichever side can explain why it's not a scam, they get to go first."

"Biden met today with members of his administration to discuss lowering consumer prices — and also making sure both teams get the ball in overtime," Seth Meyers joked at Late Night. Meanwhile, "according to a new report, Britain's Prince Andrew had a collection of more than 70 teddy bears, and staff members were ordered to arrange them according to a diagram. And then they could get to work on his enormous collection of giant red flags."