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'misled some people'

Aaron Rodgers fined $14,650 for violating COVID-19 protocols

The NFL has fined Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for COVID-19 protocol violations after it was revealed he's not been vaccinated. 

The NFL fined the Packers $300,000, and Rodgers $14,650, for not following the league's COVID-19 protocols, The New York Times reports. Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard was also fined $14,650. Lazard and Rodgers both attended a Halloween party in violation of COVID-19 protocols for unvaccinated players, and Rodgers also violated the protocols by speaking to reporters without wearing a mask, according to the Times. The team was fined for failing to report these violations to the NFL or discipline the players, CNN reports

​​Rodgers recently tested positive for COVID-19 and confirmed he has not received a coronavirus vaccine, despite suggesting in an interview he did. When asked earlier this year if he has been vaccinated, Rodgers responded, "Yeah, I've been immunized." After defending his decision not to get vaccinated in an interview, in which he railed against the "woke mob," Rodgers acknowledged Tuesday he "misled some people about my status" and said he takes "full responsibility" for his comments. 

"But in the end, I have to stay true to who I am and what I'm about, and I stand behind the things that I said," he added. 

Packers team president Mark Murphy in a statement said "we respect the League's findings and we recognize the importance of adherence to the COVID protocols to keep our team and organization safe and healthy," adding, "We will continue to educate the team regarding the importance of the protocols and remain committed to operating within the protocols."