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John Oliver uncorks a long-simmering rant about The Da Vinci Code, both the book and the movie

"I want to talk about something near and dear to my, let's say, heart," John Oliver said in a bonus Last Week Tonight clip posted Sunday night, "and that is The Da Vinci Code, the 2003 Dan Brown novel about solving art crimes hornily, and the subsequent 2006 Ron Howard film that it spawned. And believe me, I already know what you're thinking: You're thinking, 'I'm riveted, and I don't need an explanation as to why you're talking about this book 18 years after its release — I think it is normal and good that you are doing this, and I assume your take on it will be measured and fair.'"

"My chief gripe with this book and movie is with the maddeningly simple solution to the titular puzzle," Oliver said, "but before we go all in on that, I do think it is important to quickly cover the plot." A few minutes later, he got to his "solo point," then launched into a broader commentary on the book and the global mania it inspired. There are ... spoilers? — if that can be said of an 18-year-old book and 15-year-old movie — and several fleeting uses of the F-word. If you don't like the video, Oliver says, blame yourself.