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cawthorn pricks again

A woman according to Rep. Madison Cawthorn: 'XX chromosomes, no tallywhacker'

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) defined a woman as a person with "XX chromosomes" and "no tallywhacker" during a speech on the House floor Monday, The Guardian reports.

"Madame Speaker," Cawthorn began, "the left has ripped away the pen of truth from the Author of Life." (Cawthorn describes himself as a devout Christian and frequently includes biblical references in his speeches.) "They're exchanged natural science for a party platform and declared war on biology," he continued. "You can't even define what a woman is! You might amend a bill, but you'll never amend biology."

Cawthorn then offered his own definition of a woman. "Take notes, Madam Speaker," he said, "I'm about to define what a woman is for you: XX chromosomes, no tallywhacker."

Cawthorn's comments come two weeks after Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson told Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) she would not provide a definition of a woman because she is "not a biologist."

Cawthorn made headlines last week when he accused D.C. inviting him to orgies and using cocaine in front of him, allegations he later admitted had almost no basis in reality.