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These wild donkeys are getting a new lease on life

A herd of wild donkeys will get to spend the rest of their lives eating, roaming, and braying at their new home in Southern California.

The herd is mostly comprised of mother donkeys and their offspring. They were relocated from Redlands, California, to nearby Reche Canyon, where they now reside at DonkeyLand, a 2,000-acre rescue, sanctuary, and wildlife preserve.

The donkeys were moved for their own safety; due to overpopulation, loss of habitat, and people feeding the animals, members of the herd were coming closer to cars and railroad tracks, and last year several were hit by trains or vehicles. San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control worked with the Animals aRe First Fund (ARFF) to carefully move the donkeys — more than two dozen — to their new home at DonkeyLand. 

DonkeyLand Vice President Chad Cheatham said the sanctuary was founded 10 years ago with the goal of saving wild burros and their habitat. The nonprofit is entirely run by volunteers, who ensure the rescued donkeys have the peace, love, and privacy they deserve.