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Delivery woman who trusted her instincts saves elderly man's life

Something told Jessica Higgs that this shopping trip was different.

Higgs is an Instacart driver in Dalton, Georgia. On Wednesday, she shared on TikTok that she recently received an order from a woman who wanted groceries picked out and delivered to her elderly father. Higgs said that for some reason, she felt the need to go the "extra mile," and instead of dropping the bags off on the porch as requested, she brought them inside the house. "Something was telling me, 'No, you've got to help this man out,'" Higgs explained.

The man looked sick, Higgs said, and she couldn't shake her concerns. Knowing that once the order was marked complete she wouldn't be able to message the man's daughter anymore, Higgs quickly wrote her a note, saying she "always just puts the groceries down and leaves," but couldn't this time, knowing that the man looked ill and was "not doing good."

There was a propane tank inside the house, and Higgs said she immediately felt dizzy after walking inside. She told the woman she thought there might be a gas leak, and the woman replied that she'd send her son over to investigate. The next day, Higgs received a five-star review from the woman, and an update: "Thank you so much," the woman wrote. "Once my son went to check on my dad it turned out it definitely was leaking, you definitely saved my dad and my younger son's life!"

This was a reminder that "if you see something, say something," Higgs said. "And I did, and I'm so happy I did, and I'm so happy that he can live a better life."