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a golden opportunity

Thousands of pups celebrated Golden Retriever Day in Golden, Colorado

It was cuteness overload Saturday in Golden, Colorado, when an estimated 2,000 golden retrievers gathered in the city for the annual Goldens in Golden event.

National Golden Retriever Day is celebrated on Feb. 3, and every year around that time, Golden rolls out the red carpet for these adorable canines. The party took place in downtown Golden, with the dogs enjoying cups of whipped cream, chew toys, and ice cream made just for them. Many wore special outfits for the big day, accessorizing with bandanas and hats, and friendships were formed between dogs and owners alike. 

Golden retrievers are "very affectionate dogs," one attendee told 9 News, and they were "really leaning into the love today." Another declared that being at Goldens in Golden was "better than Disney World."