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Miami woman headed to work helps deliver a baby on the side of the road

On the morning of Feb. 7, Stela Borbas' yoga instructor told her that her intention should be "to do good for someone that day."

It turned out to be sound advice.

While on her way to work from yoga class, the Miami resident drove by a couple on the side of the road. The woman's legs were covered in blood, and after jumping out of her car, Borbas quickly found out why: she was giving birth.

Borbas called 911, and the dispatcher told her that an ambulance was still about 10 minutes away and she needed to deliver the baby. Stunned by this turn of events, Borbas did just that, grabbing a yoga mat from her car and helping the woman get on top of it. She shouted encouragement to her until "all of a sudden, the baby landed perfectly in my hands," Borbas told The Washington Post.

Just moments later, paramedics arrived at the scene, cut the umbilical cord, and took the mom and baby to a local hospital. Borbas told the Post she exchanged numbers with the dad, who was "all smiles," and two days later she went to visit them in the hospital before they went home. "I was happy to see they were both doing well," Borbas said. "The baby is beautiful — her name is Darlie and she weighs 5.2 pounds."

Darlie's parents are Haitian immigrants, and her mom, Tatie, told the Post they believe Borbas was sent to deliver their baby. "There is no doubt that Stela is our friend for life," she said.