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Mike Pence is reportedly 'still angry' that Trump endangered him and his family on Jan. 6

Former Vice President Mike Pence hasn't forgotten about that time an angry mob of former President Donald Trump's supporters showed up at the U.S. Capitol threatening to kill him — at least, that's what one of his friends told Vanity Fair.

Pence is reportedly "still angry that Trump placed his and his family members' lives in jeopardy," Vanity Fair reports, citing Pence's friends. Although Trump and Pence have, for the most part, gone their separate ways, "they still trade phone calls sporadically," say advisers for both parties.

Still, the former dynamic duo seem to be "skirting" around one another, never appearing side by side even as "Republican power brokers" host "cattle calls of 2024 hopefuls" across the country, writes Vanity Fair. The ex-VP is rumoured to be exploring a presidential bid of his own.

Otherwise, Pence and his wife Karen are said to be "living their best lives," says Vanity Fair, working the speaking circuit for all it's worth — possibly to help with that speculated White House run. "He's making real money for the first time in his life," said one longtime friend. "Running for president is also a great way of making six-figure speeches."